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y en inglés pueden consultar Bat World- Recursos para Rehabilitación de Murciélagos Insectívoros

Hay variedad de videos que son los Recursos para Rehabilitadores de Quirópteros.

Insectivorous Bats
Initial exam
Hydrating adult bats
Extending the wing
Removing ectoparasites
Bathing adult bats
Drying/brushing adult bats
Proper hand-feeding technique
Training adult bats to self feed
Stabilizing a closed radial fracture on an adult bat
Stabilizing a closed humeral fracture on an adult bat
Radial amputation on a deceased T. brasiliensis
Hydrating infant bats
Feeding infant crevice bats from foam tips
Feeding infant tree bats
Abdomen of properly fed infant bat
Cleaning infant bats
Video of evening bat giving birth
Emergency episiotomy on a free-tailed bat
Removing Spray Foam Insulation with DMSO
Neutering an Egyptian fruit bat